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Sports Cards 777

Since 2007, we’ve been buying and selling sports card memorabilia with a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating.

After hundreds of deals, our customers have come to know that we always aim to give them the best up-front & honest pricing on their collections.

We Buy & Sell Sports Cards

Sell to Us

Want to sell your sports card collection?

We’ve been buying single cards, collections both large & small for over 20 years now with hundreds of happy customers.

Buy From Us

Looking for a specific card or collection?

If we don’t currently have it in stock, we might be able to find someone that owns it. Finding that missing card to complete your collection is our goal.

Honest & Fair

Looking for honest & fair pricing?

Since the very beginning, we’ve set high standards when appraising and purchasing a sports card collection. 

Scared You Might Get Low-Balled?

After so many years of meticulously collecting, storing and enjoying your sports card collection, shouldn’t you get a fair price for it all?

In a world filled with hundreds of buyers ready-to-jump at the opportunity to low-ball you and give you pennies on the dollar, we’ve built a solid reputation by following the “Golden Rule”.

Sports Cards 777 is a solid buyer/seller of cards. We’ve done plenty of deals both buying and selling to the owner Jeremy.

One reason we keep coming back is because the process has been solid, fast payment and good selection of cards that some of our buyers are currently looking for.


Burbank Sports Cards

Sports Cards 777 (Jeremy “The Texas Snowman”) and I have done nearly $500,000 in business together.

After dealing with hundreds of other buyers/sellers, I’ve found someone that I couldn’t be happier to work with.

Everything from the smoothness, honesty, and integrity he operates with makes me feel at peace knowing that working with Jeremy, you will have someone with a depth of knowledge about card values, accurate conditions and fair pricing. Simply put, Jeremy is a stand up guy to work with.

– Watch Chris Sewall’s YouTube Videos

Christopher "Chris" Sewall

Owner, Sewall Sports Cards


“I was so confused about EX grades and whether my prized card could actually sell for the highest price possible.

If it wasn’t for Jeremy guiding me through the process, who knows how many $10,000s of dollars I would have missed out on”

Richard | Buyer

“Knowing that the collection I sold to Sports Cards 777 will end up in the hands of another collector that will enjoy it equally, if not more than I did growing up, made letting go that much easier. 

Seriously Jeremy, thank you for showing appreciation for my lifes-long work”

David Life-long Collector

“I inherited a collection from my father’s estate that I had ZERO clue about.

I avoided selling my Dad’s collection for several years because everyone else I had met was clearly trying to ‘steal’ it from under me.

So happy to have met Jeremy!”

Suzette | $50k Collection